Portraits and Headshots

Just did some headshots for local attorney Mary Frances O'Brien, who happens to be the first female president of the Woodford's Club!  These are my favorites.

In going through some Cuba photos from this past January (I'll have an exhibit of those this coming July at the Freeport Public Library), I found this luminous portrait I did of one of my sista photographers on the trip...

I'll soon be posting from a great photo shoot I did with a beautiful young woman this past July, but until I get those photos ready, thought I'd share this great extemporaneous portrait I did of our Scilian "cousin's" friend Roberto.  He was sitting in this marvelous hotel decorated by artists and the light was perfect, don't you think?

 He's a wonderful fellow and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and traveling around Sicily with him and Mimmo and their friend Laurella.

I did these headshots of Bonnie (a visual artist and sculptor) and actress/director Maggie in 2011 before I moved from Sacramento, CA to Portland Maine.  The first series of shots were done in Bonnie's studio with natural lighting.

These shots of Maggie were taken in her home using mostly natural lighting and a little room lighting.

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