Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Boycott B&H?

B&H is probably the biggest photo/video/electronics store in NYC, if not on the East Coast.  Generally you can get some great deals there and have it shipped to you.  But now it looks like the company might be shafting its workers according to an article in the Hyperallergic blog article here.

So since the personal is the political, I'll be boycotting them until the matter with the workers is settled.

In other news photographic, I'm looking forward to doing some headshots for a playwright friend of mine in the near future and used some of the old photos I bought in Cuba back in 2013 to create the installation that is up now at Running with Scissors here in Portland Maine.  I also used a beautiful photo I took of one of my favorite models created at an Elizabeth Opalenik workshop on figure photography.  Here is a shot of it featuring her in the video.

There are a few still images in the video that I made for the piece and last night's opening reception gave me the opportunity to gauge reaction from people.  I need to tighten up the video with a new changes and using a slower speed to change the tone of the voice over I did for it, made it difficult for some people to understand. 

If you'd like to experience it, you can contact me via this blog and we'll find a time that's good for the both of us.  Or you can come to the closing reception, July 27th from 5 to 7 pm at Running with Scissors, 250 Anderson St., Portland ME (behind the big Uhaul place on Marginal Way).

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