Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I love doing photo shoots with actors, b/c they are generally ready for anything!  Need me to take off my clothes ?  No, please not here in public.  I don't want to have to bail you out of jail.  This goes out to one special actor and model and he knows who he is.   Or like this past Sunday, Bess Welden (one of Portland's finest actors, playwrights, directors) telling me she was fine with getting into the icy waters at Jewel Falls.  But before we went to do the outside shots, she brought along a few props that would look good in closeup shots.  But where to shoot in my house?  Too much art on most of the walls, except for the stairs going up to the 2nd floor.   By this time, our two mini Schnauzers - Mica (black) and Tucker (gray) - were beginning to get very interested and I had to take this shot.

Which makes me wonder how effective they'd be at really protecting the house.  Sure, they'll bark and sing the song of their people - Schnauzer yodels - if you click here at :36, it sounds like our guys.

The show is Legbala is a River - a one woman show centered on the wife of a doctor who goes to Africa to treat Ebloa patients.  It will run at Mayo Street Arts Center from June 8th to the 17th.  If you live in the Portland Maine area, you really should go see it.

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