Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Berlin - Stones for Peace

What an amazing journey to Berlin and then Goettingen (where my Romanian violinist friend Justin lives with his new wife) for a day and a couple of nights and then to Prague via train to Nuremberg and then bus, which didn't have any of the drinks or snacks they advertised as no one had filled up the vending machine?!?!!  (Note to self:  ALWAYS bring snacks and drinks on a bus).  The reason we went to Berlin is that we had never been before and I had work at the Berlin Foto Biennial which is open until Oct 30th. 

I'll be posting more about the trip on my other blog - Ann Tracy's Waiting for the Muse.  That's the blog where I talk about travels and art in general, other than photography.  I'm still going through all the Germany and Prague photos, but thought I'd post a little about a peace project we stumbled upon walking in the huge Berlin park called the Tiergarten.  It's called the Global Stone Peace Project.

This shows the scale of these huge rocks.

This is the handsome trombone player that went with me on the trip.  In the background another huge stone grouping.

By next week I should be posting a bit of graffiti and some street photography from the trip.  But for a more detailed tale, check out the other blog, later next week.

Speaking of street photography, check out the winner's of the LensCulture contest here.

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