Wednesday, February 10, 2016

8th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

I've been quite remiss about not posting anything since the end of November.  But on the other hand, if I post too much it begins to look like spam.  The happy medium will be my resolution for this year.  Found out that not only was I named a finalist for the 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, in the category of Women at Work (click here to see which one is mine) but also for the 8th JMC Awards in the cell phone category (click to see here)

Both images are very different from very different bodies of work.  I've also been invited to show work in the Berlin Biennial this October.  The cell photo was from my first trip to Cuba and the other from a series I'm calling Domestic Considerations.  When you are invited to show in the biennial, you can choose other work that, if approved, will be shown instead of your original entry.

What do you think of this?  It's called Kronos' Daughter.

My model is the beautiful Meredith Coffin who is also a Pilates teacher extraordinaire. 

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