Saturday, November 21, 2015

Giving Thanks

 Must give thanks to my fabulous actors - Karen Ball and Julia Langham, as well as Playwright Bess Welden, my terrific Assistant Dir/Props Goddess Jewels Murphy, Stage Manager Andy Hesselbart, Set Designer Meg Anderson, Light Designer Michaela Denoncourt and Sound Designer Chris Fitz...without this incredible team I could not have directed Madeleines for the Studio Series at Portland Stage.  Yes, that's where I've been these past weeks.  We've got three wonderful reviews and many great comments from audiences. 

So of course the only photos I've taken lately (other than some with the phone or iPod)  have been show related.  During our final dress tech - a full house for the Pay What You Can Preview - I shot photos.  Here's one of them

Julia Langham sitting and Karen Ball standing - two of Portland's BEST actors.

 Now I need to process the over 200 stills I took!  I'll video the show during the final performance on Sunday.  I would use my Sony RX 10, but I don't know if a 45 minute one-act will fit on a 16GB card and I know my little Sony video camera can do the job.  I've heard that the still cameras are better for shooting low light video than actual video cameras.

Another thing I heard lately, which is a bit more troublesome, is that Reuters, the European news agency, is now telling freelancers they won't accept RAW files anymore!  Most photographers shoot in RAW format as it has more pixels and is richer than JPG.  Here's the story, courtesy of  Digital Photography Review.  I generally shoot in BOTH RAW and JPG. 

I'll be reconnecting with hubby's immediate family during Thanksgiving and hope you have a day filled with great food and joy!

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