Monday, October 5, 2015

Need Some Money?

All photographers need money for projects.  How else do we pay our models and print, display our work?  The folks at Photoshelter (thanks to a post by John Paul Caponigro) have done the dirty work for you.  They've done the research to come up with a list of places where you can apply for a grant.  If you click here, they will ask for your email address to receive a link to it.

Of course there's always the HatchFund, where donors can get a tax write off for their donations.  And of course, IndieGoGo.  In all else photographic, it's not too late to make a booking with me for a family photo for those holiday cards! Email me today (anntracy51 at to have me come out to your home for a photo shoot.

Here's the random photo of the month, taken up in Boothbay Harbor this past summer.

Unfortunately the hubster and I didn't plan enough time to actually do this... but one day I will be back to play giant chess!

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