Monday, September 7, 2015

Where did Summer go?

Sigh... with the autumnal equinox fast approaching I'm sure we're all asking ourselves that question.  For me the summer means celebrations - anniversary in July and birthday in August.  I did get to the beach a couple of times.

This was taken at Crescent Beach just south of Cape Elizabeth.  But I was horrified at the plastic I found!  I picked some of it up and will use it in an abstract painting about the experience,  but I have an even better idea.

September 19th is Coastal Cleanup Day says the Ocean Conservancy who wants us to join in cleaning up beaches.  However on their website, they only list certain beaches!?!  WTF?  I propose that anyone who reads this go to their nearest or favorite beaches on that Saturday and pick up plastic and take photos of what they've collected.  Then contact me via the blog and I will post them!

Who wants in?

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