Monday, June 22, 2015

Thank You Press Herald

Started the week off with a bang and this hit in the Maine Sunday Telegraph (which is what they call the Sunday edition of the Portland Press Herald - I don't know why)! 

I figured out that it would be less expensive to print the photos here on my Canon Pro 10 printer and that I will do 8 x 10" prints, matted out to 11 x 14".  But had to order some new paper and backboards as I have the mats.  

The Freeport Library doesn't do any kind of artists' reception, which is fine.  I always kind feel uncomfortable at the receptions.  I mean I never know quite what to say.  Which is funny as I am such a big mouth at times.  I generally ask people which one is their favorite and why.  When I would like to ask them why they don't buy one!

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