Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bright Lights

You haven't heard much from me as I've been a very busy multidisciplinary artist.  I've been in the theatre side of it for the past month and it's been good but tiring.  I had forgotten how directing and getting a show up on its feet can be so draining, even when it's only a small portion of a much bigger show  - like The Maine Dish, featuring 12 ten-minute plays by local playwrights (including my play Pasta & Poetry) all dealing in some manner with food, produced by SnowLion Repertory Theatre and their PlayLab.  I directed Bess Welden's Madeleines and Carolyn Gage's The Clarity of Pizza and it was wonderful to work with such great scripts and the wonderful actors that were cast by the producing directors. 

But you know me.  I had to take photos of it all on the last night of rehearsal and here is one from each of the three pieces I was involved with:

Julia Langham as Jane, Patricia Mew as Chef Luisa and Andre Demers as Neil Goodwin in Pasta & Poetry.

Bridgette Kelly as Jordy and Kate Cyr as Miranda in The Clarity of Piza

Julia Langham as Debra and Karen Ball as Jennifer in Madeleines.

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