Friday, February 20, 2015

Funky February

Yeah, I'm in a funk as this has been the snowiest February I've seen since moving here to Portland in May of 2011.  I suppose it is the price you pay for the beautiful summers and falls out here as well as the abundant supply of good water.  But one thing about Mainers (and others who live in frosty climes) is that Life. Goes. On.  Especially when it comes to the arts.  One of the women who has modeled for me from time to time is a wonderful modern dancer and now is dancing with a new group called Collective Motion which is based out of Sacco. 

I got a FB invite from  her for a Valentines Day concert called "With Love" which included music by a group called The Dapper Gents.  I got JK and myself tickets for the early 5 pm show over at One Longfellow Square, a sweet, cozy performance venue.  I had talked with my friend about trying to get in to their final dress/tech in the place but that wasn't possible.  So I told her I would just shoot from the hip, so to speak.  I've had many years of experience shooting live theatre but generally I see a rehearsal or two (if I'm not director).  This time I was truly shooting by the seat of my pants.

I got a surprisingly good number of photos from it, even considering the truly bad lighting they have over there.  The Dapper Gents played tunes in between the dances as well as accompanying the dancers.  But I couldn't get them all in the frame... which was frustrating.  Well, I could but you wouldn't really be able to make anyone out.

As you can see the bass player was way the hell to the side and in the dark! 

Thanks for a great evening Collective Motion and Dapper Gents!

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