Friday, January 30, 2015

The Revenge of Art?

It's not a news flash that we live in a world of surveillance.  While some say we are beginning to live in a Big Brother world, personally I wish we had Red Light Violation Cameras at most intersections of Portland Maine because a couple of $250 tickets spread around might stop what seems to be a common practice here.  OK ... getting off the personal soapbox.

But Surveillance Art is a theme for many artists working in many fields including photography.  Identity issues are a common trope for many artists not only in modern art but all those who have gone before us... upon whose shoulders we have built our art practices on. 

What happens when someone steals the identity of an artist?  Matthew Irwin takes a look at it in his Hyperallergic blog post here.  Meanwhile I'm processing a wonderful photo creativity workshop I took from Seth Resnick & John Paul Caponigro.  Met some other wonderful photographers and had a (ironically, but isn't that just like moi?) left brain thinking breakthrough.  Will most more about it as it digests.  But in the meantime will leave you with an image that describes my day.

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