Saturday, November 21, 2015

Giving Thanks

 Must give thanks to my fabulous actors - Karen Ball and Julia Langham, as well as Playwright Bess Welden, my terrific Assistant Dir/Props Goddess Jewels Murphy, Stage Manager Andy Hesselbart, Set Designer Meg Anderson, Light Designer Michaela Denoncourt and Sound Designer Chris Fitz...without this incredible team I could not have directed Madeleines for the Studio Series at Portland Stage.  Yes, that's where I've been these past weeks.  We've got three wonderful reviews and many great comments from audiences. 

So of course the only photos I've taken lately (other than some with the phone or iPod)  have been show related.  During our final dress tech - a full house for the Pay What You Can Preview - I shot photos.  Here's one of them

Julia Langham sitting and Karen Ball standing - two of Portland's BEST actors.

 Now I need to process the over 200 stills I took!  I'll video the show during the final performance on Sunday.  I would use my Sony RX 10, but I don't know if a 45 minute one-act will fit on a 16GB card and I know my little Sony video camera can do the job.  I've heard that the still cameras are better for shooting low light video than actual video cameras.

Another thing I heard lately, which is a bit more troublesome, is that Reuters, the European news agency, is now telling freelancers they won't accept RAW files anymore!  Most photographers shoot in RAW format as it has more pixels and is richer than JPG.  Here's the story, courtesy of  Digital Photography Review.  I generally shoot in BOTH RAW and JPG. 

I'll be reconnecting with hubby's immediate family during Thanksgiving and hope you have a day filled with great food and joy!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Need Some Money?

All photographers need money for projects.  How else do we pay our models and print, display our work?  The folks at Photoshelter (thanks to a post by John Paul Caponigro) have done the dirty work for you.  They've done the research to come up with a list of places where you can apply for a grant.  If you click here, they will ask for your email address to receive a link to it.

Of course there's always the HatchFund, where donors can get a tax write off for their donations.  And of course, IndieGoGo.  In all else photographic, it's not too late to make a booking with me for a family photo for those holiday cards! Email me today (anntracy51 at to have me come out to your home for a photo shoot.

Here's the random photo of the month, taken up in Boothbay Harbor this past summer.

Unfortunately the hubster and I didn't plan enough time to actually do this... but one day I will be back to play giant chess!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Where did Summer go?

Sigh... with the autumnal equinox fast approaching I'm sure we're all asking ourselves that question.  For me the summer means celebrations - anniversary in July and birthday in August.  I did get to the beach a couple of times.

This was taken at Crescent Beach just south of Cape Elizabeth.  But I was horrified at the plastic I found!  I picked some of it up and will use it in an abstract painting about the experience,  but I have an even better idea.

September 19th is Coastal Cleanup Day says the Ocean Conservancy who wants us to join in cleaning up beaches.  However on their website, they only list certain beaches!?!  WTF?  I propose that anyone who reads this go to their nearest or favorite beaches on that Saturday and pick up plastic and take photos of what they've collected.  Then contact me via the blog and I will post them!

Who wants in?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is it Me or You?

One of my teachers, the fabulous Elizabeth Opalenik, would always say that every photo you take is a self portrait.  I realized that it's really true after taking a few workshops where several of us would have the same model or landscape and yet come away with very different takes on it visually.  This thought is echoed in a  bit different way by Richard Avedon in this article posted on FB by another wonderful photographer John Paul Caponigro, with whom I've had the pleasure of doing a creativity workshop this past January!

You have three more weeks to see what self portraits I've hidden in my Cuba photos which are at the Freeport Library.  Here's one of them.

This is one of my alchemical pieces, where each individual photo informs the other and together they are something different.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thank You Press Herald

Started the week off with a bang and this hit in the Maine Sunday Telegraph (which is what they call the Sunday edition of the Portland Press Herald - I don't know why)! 

I figured out that it would be less expensive to print the photos here on my Canon Pro 10 printer and that I will do 8 x 10" prints, matted out to 11 x 14".  But had to order some new paper and backboards as I have the mats.  

The Freeport Library doesn't do any kind of artists' reception, which is fine.  I always kind feel uncomfortable at the receptions.  I mean I never know quite what to say.  Which is funny as I am such a big mouth at times.  I generally ask people which one is their favorite and why.  When I would like to ask them why they don't buy one!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Julia Margaret Cameron Finalist

One of my photos has once more been named as a finalist in the Julia Margaret Cameron Competition.  It's from a photo shoot that I did last spring with the beautiful Meredith Coffin, who could be a model but owns Springboard Pilates and teaches there.  We were shooting in a neighbor's daughter's little playhouse.  It was entered in the category of Women's Work. 

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be invited to show it in a biennale in Berlin next year.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dangerous Precedent

When you travel do you shoot a lot of graffiti or street art?  I certainly do as I'm fascinated by the differences from city to city in the US and from country to country when I get the opportunity to travel internationally.  Could  you imagine being arrested for posting graffiti on a social media platform like Instagram?  You'll find the chilling story here

I find it even more disturbing that it deals with politics.  I had always thought that things were a bit looser in Canada than down here in the states, but not when it comes to the Montreal police.  I hope she will appeal the case, although I'm not up to speed on Canadian trial law. 

Here's some graffiti I saw in Portland this past week when I was downtown being an extra in a movie that a friend of a friend was making.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apropriate Appropriation?

Artists in all genres - performing, musical and visual have been riffing off each others' works for centuries.    Or at least using themes in a way to pay homage to the original.  Then, there's DADA and Marcel Duchamp

 Wikipedia:  The name of the piece, L.H.O.O.Q., is a pun; the letters pronounced in French
sound like "Elle a chaud au cul", "She is hot in the arse"; "avoir chaud au cul" is a 
vulgar expression implying that a woman has sexual restlessness.
 When I appropriate images, I generally rephotograph them as in the case of the 3 Green Graces 
where I photographed the original image by Lucas Cranach the Elder and collaged it into a digital
painting I had made a year earlier.

You might have missed the story about Richard Prince and another photographer 
Jim Krantz whose photos Prince used back in 2006.  Just this past year Prince was back in the

And now a new crop of photographers and artists are using the internet as their source for images.

As this practice continues, I imagine more photographers will be copywrighting their work with 
the feds. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Fought the Law...

Not really, but I would if it came down to a law enforcement official trying to stop me from photographing something that I had a legal right to do.  But if you're a photographer in LA,  you can rest a little easier now, according to this article in the PDN News.  Special thanks to Miriam Berkley of the Professional Woman Photographers for posting in our Yahoo group.

Here are some photos I took during the last dress/tech for The Maine Dish, an evening of theatre comprised of 12 different 10-minute plays.  I directed two of them and wrote one of them and I think I'm just now getting my wind back!

Bridgette Kelly and Kate Cyr in Carolyn Gage's "The Clarity of Pizza"

Karen Ball and Julia Langham in Bess Weldon's "Madeleines"

Julia Langham, Patricia Mew, Andre Demers and Eric Worthley in my play, "Pasta & Poetry" directed by Al D'Andrea
I love shooting final rehearsals.  I did it for many years for my theatre company Beyond the Proscenium Productions in Sacramento CA.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bright Lights

You haven't heard much from me as I've been a very busy multidisciplinary artist.  I've been in the theatre side of it for the past month and it's been good but tiring.  I had forgotten how directing and getting a show up on its feet can be so draining, even when it's only a small portion of a much bigger show  - like The Maine Dish, featuring 12 ten-minute plays by local playwrights (including my play Pasta & Poetry) all dealing in some manner with food, produced by SnowLion Repertory Theatre and their PlayLab.  I directed Bess Welden's Madeleines and Carolyn Gage's The Clarity of Pizza and it was wonderful to work with such great scripts and the wonderful actors that were cast by the producing directors. 

But you know me.  I had to take photos of it all on the last night of rehearsal and here is one from each of the three pieces I was involved with:

Julia Langham as Jane, Patricia Mew as Chef Luisa and Andre Demers as Neil Goodwin in Pasta & Poetry.

Bridgette Kelly as Jordy and Kate Cyr as Miranda in The Clarity of Piza

Julia Langham as Debra and Karen Ball as Jennifer in Madeleines.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Funky February

Yeah, I'm in a funk as this has been the snowiest February I've seen since moving here to Portland in May of 2011.  I suppose it is the price you pay for the beautiful summers and falls out here as well as the abundant supply of good water.  But one thing about Mainers (and others who live in frosty climes) is that Life. Goes. On.  Especially when it comes to the arts.  One of the women who has modeled for me from time to time is a wonderful modern dancer and now is dancing with a new group called Collective Motion which is based out of Sacco. 

I got a FB invite from  her for a Valentines Day concert called "With Love" which included music by a group called The Dapper Gents.  I got JK and myself tickets for the early 5 pm show over at One Longfellow Square, a sweet, cozy performance venue.  I had talked with my friend about trying to get in to their final dress/tech in the place but that wasn't possible.  So I told her I would just shoot from the hip, so to speak.  I've had many years of experience shooting live theatre but generally I see a rehearsal or two (if I'm not director).  This time I was truly shooting by the seat of my pants.

I got a surprisingly good number of photos from it, even considering the truly bad lighting they have over there.  The Dapper Gents played tunes in between the dances as well as accompanying the dancers.  But I couldn't get them all in the frame... which was frustrating.  Well, I could but you wouldn't really be able to make anyone out.

As you can see the bass player was way the hell to the side and in the dark! 

Thanks for a great evening Collective Motion and Dapper Gents!

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Revenge of Art?

It's not a news flash that we live in a world of surveillance.  While some say we are beginning to live in a Big Brother world, personally I wish we had Red Light Violation Cameras at most intersections of Portland Maine because a couple of $250 tickets spread around might stop what seems to be a common practice here.  OK ... getting off the personal soapbox.

But Surveillance Art is a theme for many artists working in many fields including photography.  Identity issues are a common trope for many artists not only in modern art but all those who have gone before us... upon whose shoulders we have built our art practices on. 

What happens when someone steals the identity of an artist?  Matthew Irwin takes a look at it in his Hyperallergic blog post here.  Meanwhile I'm processing a wonderful photo creativity workshop I took from Seth Resnick & John Paul Caponigro.  Met some other wonderful photographers and had a (ironically, but isn't that just like moi?) left brain thinking breakthrough.  Will most more about it as it digests.  But in the meantime will leave you with an image that describes my day.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year

I got to visit the Biltmore estate over the holidays.  Having been to the DuPont Mansion with a group from the Professional Women Photographers last May, it just seemed to be more wretched excess, until I walked out onto the patio and saw this

I've just uploaded this to my sales site on Fine Art America and am limiting the series to 15 prints only.  So if this would be a great addition to your collection for the new year, go for it.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

I got one of those "selfie sticks" with a blue tooth remote for Xmas and thought I'd shoot one of me and my baby sista.... we traveled to her new home in Asheville NC for the holidays.

Got some great stuff on tap for 2015 - Creativity workshop with Seth Resneck and John Paul Caponigro end of January... before that, will be documenting a wonderful installation piece  by one of the Running With Scissors artists....  will start to try to market myself more as a headshot photographer... and who knows what the universe will drop in my lap!