Thursday, November 20, 2014

Julia Margaret Cameron Award Time Again

I  uploaded my entries for the 7th  Julia Margaret Cameron Awards just a day ago.  One of my Facebook friends was asking which ones I had sent out so I thought I would post them here. 

Two of them are from a new series of work that I began to shoot this past summer with the beautiful and talented Meredith!  I'm calling the work Domestic Considerations, as recent research has shown that even though women are working, they are STILL doing the majority of the cooking and cleaning in their households.  That makes me crazy to think that these women aren't getting their hubbies or partners or kids to help out!  Could this be one of the causes of "entitlement" that seems to be prevalent with Gen Y folks.  OK, OK, I'll get off the soap box. 

Then I thought I'd send off my iPod photographs that have been digitally manipulated in camera or on the iPad, not photoshop.  How I presented them is different too.  I made archival pigment prints on Mulberry paper, then infused the paper with encaustic wax.  Although I also had one each printed onto canvas and ready to hang.

Forgotten Woman

Foggy Sunset, Cape Neddick River, Maine

Homage to Raphael - 3 Graces 2013

Homage to Carl von Loo - 3 Graces 2013
Last year I took these pieces to the Spectrum show in Miami with Bilhenry Gallery during Art Basel.  Be interesting to see how a European jury reacts to them as well as two new pieces I did last spring based on my late January trip to Cuba this past year.
Power of Cuba 1 - Archival Ink on Canvas 40 x 30"

Power of Cuba Flamenco - Archival Ink on Canvas 30 x 24"

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