Thursday, October 2, 2014

Digital Encaustic

Before I left on my trip to see my work in the show in Malaga, Spain and to visit old family friend Mimmo in Palermo and explore Madrid, I was experimenting with making digital prints from iPod photos (which had been altered only with photo apps) on Japanese mulberry paper (Kozo) and then infusing them with encaustic wax which gives them a beautiful and unusual translucent look.  I was getting hung up on how to present them.  I tried trying to put led lights behind them in canvases, sandwiching the paper between two small pieces of wood on top and bottom to hang like a scroll and using the wax to adhere the paper to a blank canvas.  For various reasons none of these really worked out.

Then I saw some frames without backs on them to assemble and I thought about attaching the art to the front of the frame.  Although no ambient light comes in from the sides - note to self, talk to wood artist David about making special frames for me with slits in the sides of the frame to allow this to happen - it looks better than the other things I did.  What do you think?

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