Saturday, September 27, 2014

Home Again

My we had a great time on our trip to Spain and Sicily.  I think I'm finally over the jet lag (takes me days traveling back home from Europe) and ready to process the over 450 photos I took in both jpg and raw formats on my little 18 MP Lumix travel camera (has a Leica lens and telephoto cred).  This doesn't take into account the  photos from my iPod and camera phone.  Luckily I don't have any big photo projects on the horizon yet, so I should have the time to get them ready for Flickr.  Yo can have a taste of the trip if you're on either Instagram (please forgive the out of focus pizza shot, it looked ok in the preview on my phone) or if we're FB friends.

Here's a shot taken from the train going from Malaga to Madrid.  What amazes me is how the landscape reminds me of California - no wonder the Spanish loved it there and built missions all up and down the coast!  Too bad there are window reflections in it, but it gives you the idea anyway.

And then there's the latest government gaffe coming from the Forest Service.  Luckily they have backed down on this one.  But, if you don't take your tripod, you can generally get away with snapping photos without setting off alarms.

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