Thursday, August 21, 2014

Know Your Rights

Maybe it's because I was a journalist for many years, but I don't "get" people who are cowed by authority figures.  After all the police are public servants, who should be keeping the peace, not causing trouble by thinking that every altercation demands Orwellian-inspired riot gear.  The recent images coming out of Ferguson, MO have been frightening.

As photographers we CAN shoot photos of them - this is law!  But I do have to bite my lips in order not to mouth off to them.  This LINK is to the ACLU site which clearly explains our rights as image makers.

Thanks Cindy at who posted the link on the Professional Women Photographers email list serv.  I'm really surprised that I haven't been hassled taking photos of power poles, transformers and electrical arrays which I combine with other imagery in my ongoing Power Series.  You can see examples of the work here.  I started the series back in 2007 with an emotional moment seeing old factories and power installations on the train going from NYC to DC.

The Power of Contrails, shot up near Yarmouth ME.  I kind of like this one all by itself without combining it with other imagery.  What do you think?

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