Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Playing the Odds

If you're a photographer and artist like me, you will enter certain competitions based on everything from geography (will it be inexpensive enough to ship work there?) to who's jurying the show (O, a curator from MOMA?  Might be good for her to see my work!).  I guess it also depends upon the theme of the show and whether one has any work that seems to speak to that theme.

Just recently I've had one image accepted into an international show in Spain, but that same image along with a few others didn't make it into two other shows here in the US!  It was my little test to see if one winning piece of work would be picked for other contests. 

Joe Nalven, one of the founding fathers of the Digital Arts Guild and the Digital Fine-Arts Yahoo groups, along with fellow photographer David Lenhert  addressed the subject in a recent post on Lenhert's blog.  

I still don't know if they have the answers to this age old conundrum.  It could just be that each juror for each show has different aesthetic and emotional values.  But we keep guessing and sometimes winning!

Here's a pano from my recent trip to Port Clyde....  more later

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