Friday, June 13, 2014

Cell Phone Photography Award Winners

Ya'll know that I have a couple of photos in the Stonecrop Gallery show, right?  Would love to see any of you local folks (Portland Maine area) down there tomorrow from 4 to 6 pm this Saturday (tomorrow, June 14th) and HERE are the directions on how to get there.  But if you live out of town and would like to see what I have in the show and the other work juried in, then you can click HERE for that.  Be sure to check out the work of Florence Rodale (a photo buddy who has been in the same trips to Cuba with the group led by Elizabeth Opalenik).

But it's not only Stonecrop that has realized the value and artistry of "cellphonograpy", many other galleries and museums are now including cell shows in their annual exhibition calendar.  I thought this was an interesting article about it.  It seems to me that it's the same snobbishness about whether photography is an art form compared to the more traditional arts.  There is even an iPhone Photography Awards group!  You can see the results of their latest competition here.

In my other blog, I'll soon be posting about some recent trips and this photo was from the beginning of our trip to NYC this past week.

Yes, a rare blue lobster!  According to Wiki, there are only one per two million lobsters out there.  This was shot at a cafe at the airport at the start of our trip, but I feel sad for the poor fella or gal (how do you know the difference in lobsters?) that it's alone in a cage.  I'm not sure if lobsters form families but I do know they travel in groups at times. 

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