Monday, March 24, 2014


I've always been a big believer in honesty, much to many others' chagrin when the truth isn't pretty or pleasant or hits too close to home.  I think it's much easier to deal with others from a base of honesty rather than try to remember a web of lies.  Maybe it's my memory that keeps me honest, although as an actor, I've had to memorize tons of lines, but I digress (as always). 

There's a photographer out there named Stephen Rosenfield who has done a wonderful portrait project that was featured on the Demilked blog that I stumbled upon.  To have people come clean about their insecurities and then do a portrait about that is brave indeed.  if you just looked at the photos you'd never know these people had these problems. 

While photographers are trying to get at the "truth" of someone in a portrait shoot, I don't know any of my colleagues who would ask people to be THIS honest.

I'll have a few more random portraits to put up here over the next few days as I need to clear out my hard drive.  Amazing how huge art files will take up so much space.  Until then, carry on and keep happy.
Portrait of a Sax Player, Savannah GA  2011

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